TBM-700 Checklists

In Flying by Steve Sliwa

At a recent TBM pilot meeting we began exchanging ideas about checklists.  The ones that are available for the TBM usually cover the airplane operations but don’t really integrate IFR preparations.  So rather than carrying two checklists, one for the airplane, and one to get the avionics configured correctly, we prefer to merge them.

Note that checklists are an interesting combination of legal requirements (from the POH), training, accumulated best practices, specific avionics and equipment, cockpit procedures, and personal preference.

So we combined the Owner’s Manual, TSI, and SimCom checklists with our own IFR checklist.  We configured our checklist for the Flight Crew Check Lists that can be purchased from a number of online locations, but one is FlyBoys.  Here is a link to their offering:  link

We seal the pages in plastic with a heavy paper filler.  We generally don’t pull the checklists out but I have learned that from time-to-time you want to update.  If you just put the sheets from the laser printer into the plastic sleeve the ink bleeds onto the plastic sheet over time.  Updates become impossible.

Here are links to our checklist files:  Powerpoint File or PDF File.

Here are some pictures of the checklists units as we implemented them:


Hope some readers find these of interest.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

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