50th High School Reunion

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

My Horsehead Senior High School class held a 50th reunion for the Class of 1973 in July.  Our graduating class had about 530.  About 130 classmates made it to the reunion.  It was actually the first high school reunion that I was able to attend.  I ran into several friends, and it was fun catching up.  Many I actually recognized, but we sure had changed quite a bit since those days.

Since I was in my hometown, I visited Harris Hill.  Seeing the National Soaring Museum, where I was the first junior attendant, was great. (My mom ultimately became the executive director for 18 years).  I also checked out the summer operation where I worked as a college student.  I observed a first solo that included pouring a bucket of water on the new solo student.  The tradition survives.  I also had dinner with friends.

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