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Steve’s Hearty Salsa Mix

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I like a hearty salsa. I experimented with making my own salsa from scratch, but it’s quite messy.  Additionally, most recipes call for using tomoate paste and or chopped tomatoes from cans as ingredients.  It seemed to me that if the recipe was going to include some of these we might as well jump to a mixing strategy.   I personally think Safeway’s Select Medium Chunky Classic Salsa is pretty good, but I like to freshen it up and add some common ingredients from the grocery store.  I sometimes include other ingredients but the ones listed below are quick and upgrade the salsa to a homestyle medium chunky quite nicely.

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Steve’s Chocolate Éclairs

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Chocolate éclairs are just about my favorite dessert. There are generally three types of fillings: custard, cream, and pudding. I tend to prefer the former. But here I make all three and combine them. My view is that if you have a favorite, you will find the taste you like. So far, in a sampling of several dozen, I believe I have found the desired effect.

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Steve’s Quinoa Edamame Salad

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I developed this salad based upon the Emperor’s Select Salad that is sometimes available in Safeway’s Deli Section and is Quinoa Edamame salad.  I didn’t know all of the ingredients, but I continued to adapt my version until I got to a point where really like this for flavor and content, much better than the starting point.  It seems to disappear whenever I make it.  My guests say the salad grows on them.  They think it’s interesting on the first bite, but then it sneaks up on them and they find themselves getting seconds and/or snacking on it.  I believe it can keep in the refrigerator for up to a week, if it lasts that long.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Steve’s Cornbread Waffle Grilled Cheese

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This is a healthier, tasty, replacement for the classic grilled cheese sandwich.  It is based upon gluten-free, cornbread waffles uses as the sandwich bread combined with melted cheese filling.  Kids will love the cheese and cornbread combination.  Adults might prefer a little zip so jalapenos can be added to the waffle mix and/or one of the melted cheeses could be a pepper jack.  Although the waffles and waffle sandwiches can be made ahead and saved for future snacks, don’t be surprised if whatever gets made gets consumed at the first seating. 🙂