2023 Holiday Newsletter

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December 2023

This year has flown so fast. I thought as we aged, we were supposed to be slowing down. No sign of that yet; it doesn’t help that we seem to be adding activities instead of subtracting them. 2023 has been very good to us in most respects.

Steve is still active as vice chairman for Seeq and has an active role as chairman of its spin-off, IOTAsoft. His hangar at Minden Airport was finally completed, and he has become active in the Minden soaring community. He’s been struggling with the FAA over his flight medical, so soaring and motorgliding consume more of his aviation attention. In addition to his new JS-3 racing sailplane, he plans to add a Phoenix motorglider next year. He participated in a speed dash flight with his friend Jim Lee in a Phoenix, like the one he has on order. Steve also attended his 50th high school reunion in Horseheads, NY and did a birthday trip to New Orleans with business partner Brian Parsonnet.

Steve has also made great strides in improving his health and lifestyle with aggressive workouts and impressive weight loss.  He and Nancy also spent time again at the True North Health Center, where Steve was one of their star water-only fasters.

Nancy also continues to be active in aviation, flying the Cirrus (registration number changed to N868M, now nicknamed Marshall) to many 99 events, including a special trip with fellow Cirrus pilots Marcie and Wendy to the Oshkosh AirVenture in Wisconsin.  She also volunteered to help at the last Reno Air Race.

Nancy had a very special trip in late April with Tabitha to a land of their ancestry, Ireland.  Spending that much time with her daughter in enchanted surroundings was magical. From Dublin to Galway, Burren and Connemara, Dingle and Cobn, to Derry and the Giant’s Causeway, they covered most of the country quickly, thanks to Tabitha’s mastery of driving on the left side of the road. Cuddling baby lambs, indulging in seaweed baths, visiting manors and abbeys and gardens, spectacular cliffs and rock formations, tiny wildflowers turned into haunting fragrances – truly memorable experiences.


Adding yet another “trip of a lifetime” to the dozens in her memory albums, Nancy also participated in the 99s International Convention trip to Jordan. Despite the unrest in Israel, over 220 women pilots participated, creating a caravan of 4 large tour busses, complete with police and ambulance escort.  We saw the country’s length from the Dead Sea to Petra to Wadi Rum to Aqaba, then up to Amman and Mount Nebo. Everything was exotic, indulgent, and fun.  One of her favorite memories was riding a camel at sunset in the Wadi Rum desert.

In addition to the above, Bible studies, and workouts, Nancy joined a women’s shooting club, A Girl and A Gun.  She hopes to become more proficient in handgun shooting and possibly enter the competition side of the organization next year.

Rich and Tabitha have had a very busy year as well.  Rich is now the CFO of a software startup. Tabitha decided to leave Seeq and invest more time in her own small businesses: Tabitha Colie Artistry, specializing in bridal and special photography make-up, and Tea for Tabitha, specializing in unique tea blends for inner health. We plan to spend Christmas with them in White Salmon, along with Nancy’s cousins, Steve’s brother Dave, and niece Andie. And all the dogs.

Brandy and Beckett have just had their 7th birthday and are the perfect age – calm, sweet, and fully trained (at least as much as they’ll ever be!) but without any senior dog health issues. They have become perfect “hangar dogs,” spending most of each day in Genoa with Steve at the hangar and greeting all his flying buddies with woofs and wagging tails.

Despite all the great activities of 2023, our favorite times were the opportunities to host many friends and family at both our homes in Fountain Hills and Genoa.  Over a dozen different friends came to visit! We hope that trend continues and increases in the coming year.

With love and hopes for your best year ever in 2024,

Steve, Nancy, Brandy, and Beckett

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