Sailplane is in TN

In Journal, Flying by Steve Sliwa

My new JS-3 sailplane has made it to Tullahoma TN and is being prepped for delivery.  The Jonkers US distributor is doing a thorough job of checking everything out.  The new delivery to Nevada was slotted for Labor Day.  Unfortunately, the total energy line was at least partially blocked.  Since it is embedded in the horizontal stabilizer, they need to send it back to South Africa.  Also, the jet sustainer engine was running a little rough.  They are working with the engine manufacturer to determine the best approach, but it might involve swapping out the engine.  I’m anxious to get the new plane, but I prefer not to rush the check-out.  I want to spend time flying, not debugging.  So I am going to be patient.

In the meantime, here are some beautiful pictures of the plane from check out (click into the slideshow):

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