Visitors for the Reno Air Races

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

We had friends Bill & Wendy fly their Cirrus, and Susan fly her C182RG into KMEV.  This was the week/weekend for the Reno Air Races, and this was the key focal point.  Unfortunately, it was smokey from a fire in California and interfered with operations.  We saw some races and enjoyed the airside events, but it was shortened.

Other activities include:

  • Dog walks and tours of the Genoa township
  • A long hike in the Sierras on the Genoa Loop Trail
  • Nancy and Wendy volunteered with the 99’s at the Reno Air Races, helping to staff the information booth
  • A 3-hour tour via motorboat of Lake Tahoe
  • Bill & Steve flew the Cirrus and worked on some proficiency items
  • Fun meals at Overland and JT Basque
  • Solid day at the Races that Friday, where we saw several races, including a STOL Drag Race

On the downside, Susan was ill, probably from some food.  Steve and Bill were impacted for a day as well, perhaps from the smoke.

Here is a clickable slideshow:

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