Wedding of Ashley & Allie – Oct 2015

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Nancy and I joined members of our family to witness and cheer Ashley Zolenski (my niece) marry Allison Sherwood (my new niece-in-law).  We have known Ashley all her life and she is held in a special place in our hearts.  She worked as an Insitu intern and is now a major gift office (fund raising) for Boston College.  We are so proud of her professionally and personally as she has taken bold actions to work toward happiness and fulfillment.

I was looking forward to this trip since I enjoy Portsmouth NH, well introduced to us via a Seeq team meet-up the year before.  We stayed downtown at the Hampton Inn and Suites and with my status the clerk announced we got the best room in the house.  It was nice large comfortable room with peek-a-boo views of the water and the town.

Nancy made it a goal to get lobster for nearly all of her meals.  I think she succeeded.


Dinner – River House Restaurant (boiled whole lobster) – with Rich and Tabitha


Breakfast – Popovers on the Square – Lobster Mini-Popover
Lunch – Charlie Bennett’s – Lobster Roll
Dinner – Dolphin Striker – Lobster Mac & Cheese – with Rich and Tabitha


Lunch – Poco’s Bow Street Cantina – Lobster Quesadilla
Dinner – Wedding Reception – Lobster Mac & Cheese


Brunch – Michelle’s on Market Square – Lobster Benedict.

The wedding in York was terrific and the young couple seems quite happy.  Allie’s sister Betsy wanted to use a Marathon Theme for her Maid of Honor speech.  She organized groups to potentially make posters and cheer as key points along the ‘course’ as she called them out.  Uncle Steve was called out at Mile 12 for Ashley, cousins at Mile 15, and Uncles/Aunts at Mile 18.  We made some cheering placards, designing them via e-mail and the sending them to Staples to print and mount in Portsmouth.  We picked them up Friday morning.

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