Top Sushi Restaurant – Katana Sushi & Grill in Fountain Hills, AZ

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

We have been to Katana Sushi & Grill several times and on this last trip we decided to rank it at the top of our list of Sushi restaurants we have tried.  Although he has classic sushi, we most enjoyed his experimentation, sauces, and presentation.  We normally use heavy soy sauce and wasabi, but with his flavorful dishes it almost seems a waste too us (like ketchup on steak).  This last time Nancy and I attended with Kristi Garwood.  But we have tried Sushi across the US and in several countries including Japan and this is our most memorable experience and we highly recommend it.

Our favorite rolls include:

  • Tucson Roll
  • Saguaro Roll
We also like:
  • Fountain Hills Roll
  • Tears for Fears Roll
  • Chicago Roll
Our favorite Sashimi is:
  • Poki Tuna
Our favorite preseantation (flaming) is:
  • Flaming Dragon Roll
The only downside is that while it is the top sushi restaurant we can recall, it’s prices reflect the quality.  If we have our Japanese beer, wine, or saki with plenty of dishes, we plan on spending about $50 per person.  We find that it is worth the expense.


Kristi taking a picture of the Flaming Dragon roll at Katana Sushi and Grill

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