Andie’s 2nd Visit to Fountain Hills

In Journal, Family by Steve Sliwa

Andie Sliwa (my niece), who was 8 yrs and 11 months old, visited us the 2nd weekend in November.  It was fun to have her around and some of the things we did together included:

  • watched movies in the theater
  • watched 3-d Shrek movies on the 3-d TV in the game room
  • attended the Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Fair
  • helped me cook waffles
  • sampled varieties of french toast and grilled cheese waffles
  • created a fort in the playroom
  • took apart the fort and built a race track complex
  • built a 3-d tiger puzzle
Actually one of her absolute favorite activities was going with me to the dog park.  She loved playing with Pixie and Angel there, but especially liked meeting people and their dogs.  It appeared she was a dog whisperer.
She also wanted me to tell her stories.  One sequence we repeated with the same ending but different scenarios went like this:
A young girl who was almost 8 was walking with her parents on a road along a swamp.  There was a strange noise and the girl wanted to check it out.  Her parents warned her not to do it.  She said she knows, she knows, she knows what to do.  She went and checked it out in spite of her parents warnings.  And do you know what she found?  Chorus:  Nobody knows because she never came back!
Andie was great as the when the adults were talking or visiting she would read (completed 2 books), do her math homework, play in the playroom, watch TV, or play with the toys she brought.
It was great having her and we look forward to her next visit.
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