Steve’s Teachers Growing Up

In Growing Up, Anecdotes by Steve Sliwa

I did my best to re-create a list after I was 60:

Kindergarten – Mrs. Brooks (Marshall MI)

1st Grade – Mrs. Riley (Marshall MI – Hughes Elementary)

2nd Grade – Mrs. Spangenberg then Mrs. Bush and Miss Kamen

3rd Grade – Mrs. Allen

4th Grade – Mrs. Luce

5th Grade – Mr. Demond

6th Grade – Miss Ridell (Mrs. Allen)

7th Grade

English – Mr. Biddle

Math – Mr. Yaknovich

History – Mr. Smith

Science – Miss Clark

8th Grade

English – Miss Ruth

Math – Mr. Purcell

History – Miss Brooks

Science – Mr. Lapp

Spanish – Mrs. Gardner

9th Grade

English – Mr. Hewitt

Math – Mr. Nordeen

History – Mr. Moore

Science – Mr. Beebee

High School

Chemistry – Miss Schueller

Physics – Mr. Koval

Math – Mr. Mortimer, Mrs. Knowlton, Mr. Josbeno

English – Miss Mezur, Mr. Sampson, Miss Metzger, Miss Oken

History – Mr. Horrigan

Physical Ed – Mr. Gross, Mr. Bauman (also my coaches in Track)

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