Christmas Day 2010

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

As usual we hosted Christmas Eve at our house for family and a few unattached friends.  Nancy outdid hereself and we had enough food for the neighborhood, but turnout was much lighter.  So we had leftovers.  The funniest thing about this party was that our niece Andie (8 years old) was all tense since her dad, my brother Dave, was teasing her about mistletoe hanging around the house.  We also hosted Nicolas Gomez who was 7 1/2 and in the same grade.  They both were afraid they’d be caught under the mistletoe and forced to kiss.

Christmas day at my brother’s house showed that Santa was good to Andie and the rest of us.  They had their usual big tree and put on a great breakfast spread with monkeybread and an excellent egg frittata.  Here is a picture of the tree.


2010 Christmas Tree at Dave & Michele's house

Here is a picture of Andrielle Sliwa opening presents.


Andie Surveying her Booty from Christmas

One of the items on her list to Santa was a new kitten.  She got several stuffed animals (pandas) and was told that Santa delivered.  She frowned and quivered a bit, but admitted it was a great Christmas and he almost got all of the important things on her list.  She mumbled she really wanted a kitten though …

While she wasn’t looking we slid an extra box under the tree near the end and when she went to open it, it started to move and shake.  She freaked out … wanted help … but opened it to see a great little white Burmilla kitten that was obtained from the Silverpause Cattery.  Her mother is Chantilly Lace.  Here are some shots show her first reactions:


Happy to Pull Out Kitten


Meet Snowflake


Santa does bring animals

She immediately started a campaign for the name.  She wanted Snowflake.  We proposed a family naming session and vote.  She would have none of it and cajoled every means she had to get the name to stick.  She even told Dave the day after when he referred to it as the kitten that she preferred, as a big favor to her, to call the kitten Snowflake.  She she won out and we all admired her carefully plotted plan of attack to get her way.

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