Some Favorite YouTube Videos – America’s Got Talent, XFactor, Voice, etc.

In General Interest by Steve Sliwa

Here are a collection of favorite talent auditions that I created to make it easy to share with friends on my AppleTV:

Cristina Ramos: link

Jackie Evancho:  link

Kodi Lee:  link

Beau Dermot:   link

Darci Lynne (ventriloquist):  link

Aida Nikolaychuk (stopped audition):  link

Alex & Sierra: link

Emanne Beasha: link

Craig Colton (surprise parents):  link

Daniel Ferguson (impressionist):  link

Courtnay Hadwin:   link

Angelina Jordan:  link

Adam Lambert (Bohemian Rhapsody): link

Jillian Jensen:  link

Blue Journey (dancing):  link




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