New TBM-700 Joins the Sliwa Family

In Journal, Flying by Steve Sliwa

I forgot to officially announce a new member to our family in July 2010.  We chose N700VV a TBM-700B.  It’s a 2000 from Socata, Serial Number 164.

We chose the TBM for the reasons shown in a previous entry.  We wanted something realtively large (like a SUV) but with speed, range, and economy all within our budget.  We chose the TBM over Pilatus PC-12 mostly for budget reasons plus we wanted to be able to upgrade to the G1000. Who chose the TBM over the Meridian, even though new ones are available with the G1000 for the range, price, cabin roominess, speed, and perceived reliability.

A new TBM-850 has the G1000 but we wanted to save the bucks over a new model.  The A and B models were the first to get the G1000 upgrade so that meant skipping the C, C2, and N models.

We searched the market and wanted a bird with reasonable avionics, engine time, and hopefully some upgades and new interior.  We chose our bird from NorthWest Aviation.

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