Grandma Sliwa’s Raisin Bread

In Grandma Sliwa's Recipes by Steve Sliwa

Grandma Sliwa’s Raisin Bread was prepared shortly before our arrival on a visit and there seemed to be an endless supply available. The smells coming out of the kitchen were amazing.


4 C Milk – Boil
½ lb Lard/Oleo
2 oz Yeast (Dissolve in 1/2C Warm water)
1 ½ C Sugar
2 T Salt
5 Eggs
1 Large box White Raisins
5 lb Flour

  1. Make sponge mixture raise to limit
  1. Add flour coating Raise again
  1. Divide into Loaves (Round Bobka pans or Loaf) Raise again
  1. Egg White Tops (add yellow food color to mixture if desired)
  1. Bake at 350 degrees for 35min
Preparation Time Estimates

Organize & Mix:  10 mins

Bake:  35 mins


Source:  Grandma Sliwa

Suggested Course:  Bread – Snack – Dessert – Breakfast

Servings/Yield:  3 loaves

Nutrition Estimates
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