Anniversay, Gemstone, and Flower Symbols

In General Interest by Steve Sliwa

Compendium of the traditional and modern symbols for anniversaries and the list of birthstones and flowers by month.

ANNIVERSARIES   Traditional/(Modern)

            First                            Paper – (Clocks)
            Second                       Cotton – (China)
            Third                           Leather -( Crystal/Glass)
            Fourth                         Linen/Silk – (Electrical Appliances)
            Fifth                            Wood – (Silverware)
            Sixth                           Iron – (Wood)
            Seventh                      Copper/Wool – (Desk Sets/Pen & Pencil Sets)
            Eighth                         Bronze – (Linens/Laces)
            Ninth                           Pottery/China – (Leather)
            Tenth                          Tin/Aluminum – (Diamond Jewelry)
            Eleventh                     Steel – (Fashion Jewelry/Accessories)
            Twelfth                        Silk – (Pearls/Colored Gems)
            Thirteenth                   Lace – (Textiles/Furs)
            Fourteenth                  Ivory – (Gold Jewelry)
            Fifteenth                     Crystal – (Watches)
            Twentieth                    China – (Platinum)
            Twenty-fifth               Silver – (Sterling Silver)
            Thirtieth                     Pearl – (Diamond)
            Thirty-fifth                Coral – (Jade)
            Fortieth                       Ruby – (Ruby)
            Forty-fifth                 Sapphire – (Sapphire)
            Fifieth                         Gold – (Gold)
            Fifty-fifth                  Emerald – (Emerald)
            Sixtieth                       Diamond – (Diamond)

            January                       Garnet (Constancy)
            February                     Amethyst (Sincerity)
            March                          Bloodstone or Aquamarine (Courage)
            April                           Diamond (Innocence)
            May                             Emerald (Love, Success)
            June                            Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite (Health & Longevity)
            July                             Ruby (Contentment)
            August                         Sardonyx or Peridot (Married Happiness)
            September                   Sapphire (Clear Thinking)
            October                        Opal or Tourmaline (Hope)
            November                    Topaz (Fidelity)
            December                    Turquoise, Lapis Lazul, Zircon (Prosperity)


            January                       Carnation or Snowdrop
            February                     Violet or Primrose
            March                          Jonquil or Daffodil
            April                           Sweet Pea or Daisy
            May                             Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn
            June                            Rose or Honeysuckle
            July                             Larkspur or Water Lily
            August                         Gladioli or Poppy
            September                   Aster or Morning Glory
            October                        Calendula or Cosmos
            November                    Chrysanthemum
            December                    Narcissus or Holly
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