Holiday Letter 2009

In 2000s by Steve Sliwa

Dear Friends and Family,
2009 has opened many new doors for the Sliwa family; so many, in fact, that sometimes we don’t know if we’re coming or going!
kids_2009Daughter Tabitha and her husband Rich celebrated their first anniversary in their new (temporary) home in Brooklyn, NY. They are spending two years in New York City while Rich completes his executive MBA at New York University on weekends while he continues to work and travel for Insitu. Tabitha is working on some special projects long-distance with Nancy while making a home in their 4th-floor walk-up in the Park Slope neighborhood. She is also doing some volunteer work for the Soho Partnership, which runs programs to enable New York City’s homeless toward economic sufficiency. Buster is just happy to be with them and close to a great dog park with off-leash hours.

Since being acquired by Boeing last year, Insitu has ballooned to over 700 employees, now spread up and down the Columbia Gorge on both sides of the river. Steve continues in his role as CEO with a new board composed of Boeing executives. New products are coming out this year and he is still enjoying the challenge. Check out their progress at

Nancy put her book projects on hold to pursue an opportunity brought about by their airplane acquisition last year. After 20 years as a pilot, she has started a small aviation gift business to bring to market things she always wished she had as a pilot, especially as a woman pilot. With Tabitha and a special group of friends, she had booths at the giant Oshkosh air show and the 99’s International Convention in Chicago, as well as the local Hood River fly-in. Thanks to Steve and Tabitha, the website is up just in time for the holidays:
Steve did something this year that, for him, is incredibly rare – he took a VACATION! He and Nancy flew their Cirrus from its new hangar in Dallesport across country to Maryland, then up and down the East Coast visiting friends and family through 17 action-packed flight legs, then back across country with visits to Nancy’s mom in Tennessee plus family in Denver. Thanks to our fabulous hosts along the way, we had the most amazing time!
ximangoSteve also acquired a Ximango motor-glider this year, a single-engine two-seater side-by-side with a 57′ wingspan (the wings fold up so it can be tucked into a hangar). He and friend Paul McDuffee flew it from its point-of-sale in Daytona Beach, Florida, across country to Washington State, stopping to soar with fellow Ximango pilots in Cedar City, Utah. Steve also built a new website for Ximango owners at .

This year saw two major remodel projects at Casa Sliwa.   We added what we call the “bodega,” a room in the back that attaches through the living room. Two walls have floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, so we finally have adequate pantry space. With a heated-tile floor and a moveable bar, it is a perfect annex to our entertainment space. We also remodeled Steve’s office with built-in desk and cabinetry, so he has a cozy nook for his at-home work.

Pixie, Angel, and Casper continue healthy and happy. Their fuzzy love adds a comfortable completeness to Steve and Nancy’s home life. Here is a picture of us sans Casper at the Insitu summer picnic this year. No, that’s not beer in Nancy’s hand, just a cherry creme soda!
May you all be blessed with peace and joy this holiday season and throughout the coming year!
Steve and Nancy Sliwa
Pixie, Angel, & Casper
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