Steve’s Merit Badges

In Growing Up by Steve Sliwa

Growing up Boy Scouts was very important to me.  I was an Eagle Scout (21 merit badges of which 10 were required) and had earned 34 by the time I retired from Scouts.  Here is a list in the order in which I earned them.

Marksmanship Citizenship in the Nation* Cooking*
Nature* Electricity Reading
First Aid* Pet Care Soil & Water Conservation*
Safety* Firemanship Personal Finance
Hiking Fingerprinting Personal Fitness*
Sculptor Aviation Art
Public Speaking Journalism Camping*
Small Boat Sailing Pioneering Wildlife Management
Rowing Motorboating Space Exploration
Model Building Chemistry Citizenship in the Community*
Swimming* Lifesaving* Engineering
Conservation of Natural Resources*
  • = Required for Eagle Scout

Here is a picture of my merit badge sash:

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