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My dad and my wife’s dad were big proponent of WD-40.  I recently fixed a problem with my motorglider with WD-40.  Actually two different mechanics worked on getting my fuel cap to work properly including diassembling, cleaning, grinding, polishing, adjusting the O-ring, adjusting the tightness, and etc.  Nothing seemed to work.  WD-40 fixed it in seconds and it seems to last.  Hooray!

Here are some additional uses:

13 Amazing Uses for WD-40 (Reader’s Digest)

There are several e-mails circulating around that claims dozens and dozens of uses.  Snopes investigated this and the manufacturerers left the following many items on the list.  See Snopes article WD-40 #1.  This article also lists the contents, which is not fish oil as some rumors intimate.  Article WD-40 #2 validates how the name was derived.  It was the 40th attempt at a water displacement formula by inventor Norm Larsen of the then Rocket Chemical Company of San Diego.

The WD-40 Company does try to keep track of all of the claimed uses on their list of uses and the myths, legends, and fun facts.

Incidentally, inventor Norm Larsen never got much out of the invention and he was purported to have invented something even better, but the formula was lost.


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