Tabitha Colie’s Wedding – Stepfather’s Toast – Steve Sliwa (Sept 2008)

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Wedding Toast to Daughter/Couple – September 2008

Outline / Speaker’s Notes

Welcoming Remarks

Tabitha stories

  • I Knew her first – In Fact Used that to help get closer to Nancy
  • New father of a pre-teen – taught each other a lot
  • Great memories for me
    • Building a trailer together
    • We did our campaign on Nancy to get a Golden Retriever puppy (Honey)
    • Learning to drive
    • Amazing rainbow
    • Soaring together
  • We enjoyed watching her grow up
  • She always listened to our advice – but always chose her own way – just as we wanted
  • Background:  Ripped Out of California to Florida Return to California – Barely Saw Her Thereafter
  • Meet Someone at Insitu? – I have reviewed all those resumes
  • She met Rich right away – her landlord.
  • Tabitha told me that Rich was nervous about the first time he came over … she kept trying to tell him … not to worry … best resume of any date she has ever brought home …
  • We used to think Rich was perfect – Background checks – Then I got the scrapbook from Rich’s mom — Santa Claus story – Guide for HR
  • We couldn’t be happier.  We have seen them together and believe they are a terrific couple.  Nancy’s happiness and belief in the couple is off-scale.

Advice from Buster and the Dogs — Dog’s 8 Commandments
1) Stay in touch with your loved ones. dog01
2) The best toys are found not bought. dog02
3) Never pass up the opportunity for a joy ride.
4) When a family member comes home, always run to greet them.
5) Be loyal.
6) Run and play daily. dog06
7) When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close, and nuzzle him or her gently. dog07
8) No matter how bad you feel about being scolded, don’t feel guilty and pout.  Run right back and make friends. dog08


Ladies and Gentlemen … Please Raise Your Glasses to the Couple for a Toast:

  • May their journey be filled with joy and continued growth
  • May they remember to pursue their passions, focus their energies, and balance their goals
  • May they find ways to retain their patience and nurture their love even while raising their future children
  • Here is to the bride and groom
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