“Openings” Collaboration for the 2006 Trout Lake Art Festival

In Nancy's Writings by Nancy Sliwa

The goal was to couple creative talents from different fields.  Here a poet and a glass artist.

by Nancy Sliwa, poet
Open vase receives the rose,
Open hand, the gift,
Open heart receives the life
The spirit longs to live.
Water flows to open glass
And from it flows again;
Receives and drinks and gives away
In cycle without end.
Atoms rotate in our midst
Like earth and sun and moon,
Like galaxies that spin for joy
In universal tune.
We are the doors between the worlds
Of spirit and of dust;
Inheritance received from each
And held awhile in trust.
So open wide your portal self
To spin and dance and sway,
The joy that heaven sends to you
Rejoice to give away
Starry Nights
by Linda Steider, glass artist.

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