It’s Official – We Ordered a Vision Jet

In Aviation, Journal, Flying by Steve Sliwa

We have been tracking the Cirrus Vision Jet since it was first introduced as a concept over 10 years ago, have sat in the mock-ups, watched the prototypes fly and monitored the improvements. With the announcement of the Generation 2 version starting in 2019, we decided to seek a 2020 model. There are over 600 orders and the current delivery schedule would place a new order out in 2025 or so. So in order to get one next year, we have to bit on people that have positions. There is a market and typically one needs to pay some percentage of the difference between the current market value and the discounted price for the person who took the early risk. We worked with Aerista and secured position #181. I am estimating delivery in June 2020, but that is in flux as Cirrus is working to increase its production rate and I need to guestimate their success to come up with that number.

Here are some pictures from the website and brochures:

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