Introducing Birdie

In Journal, Pets, Family by Steve Sliwa

Tabitha and Rich added a new puppy to the family.  They named our new “grand-puppy” Ladybird Collie.  They nicknamed her birdie.  As you will see below, she is cute as a button.  She loves people … perhaps a little too much.  She rushed up to greet everyone new with a little too much enthusiasm.  She has a soft mouth and is very affectionate and active!  She has been going on long hikes and runs with Rich and Tabitha soon after she was 6 months old.

We’ve really enjoyed our time with her, but wish we were still in the area to play with and/or babysit our “grand-puppy.”  There are a gazillion pictures of her, here are but a few.  Click on a picture to zoom in and start a slide show:

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