Happy 25,000 Day Birthday

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My business partner and friend, Brian Parsonnet, planned and executed an excellent birthday surprise.  He basically sent me 25K bits (memory) to commemorate my getting to this milestone (not on my normal annual birthday celebration day).  We both started programming back in the old days and even have experience with assembly/machine code programming.  We often talk about how keeping track of all of the bits and bytes used to be really important, and today’s programmers are missing out on the experience.

Here is what he sent me:


Happy 25,000 Day Birthday


Your memory has always been amazing to me, and it has not faded one bit.  So here are 25k bits as a token to that skill that serves you so well.

And to top it off, I asked ChatGPT to write a commemorative poem for this event:


25,000 days, a life well-aged,

25k core bits, memories engaged

1960’s tech, nostalgic surprise,

Happy 25K, may your memories rise!

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