A.J. and Debbie Visit us in Genoa

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We had a terrific visit from our long-time friends, AJ and Debbie.  We first connected at Stanford Business School and then AJ joined me at Colt and Insitu as a work partner.  We hadn’t seen them since before COVID and it was great to catch-up.  They were completing a cruise in the Puget Sound / San Juan Islands area and visiting with friends in Seattle.

We picked them at Reno-Tahoe airport and had several days of fun.  They had been on travel for over two weeks and AJ was going through withdrawal, so Nancy gave him a couple of honey-do’s for around the house and he got them done.  Nancy and Debbie checked out some shopping areas together that had Nancy curious and she was glad to get her former shopping partner.

I think the highlight for AJ’s trip was his flights with me.  We took the Vision Jet to Sacremento for its pre-buy inspection and test flight.  I had AJ do the flight back home in the right seat and he made a picture perfect landing into Minden airport on the shorter runway.  He was pretty happy to get his first jet time.

We did some touring of the area, tried some of our favorite restaurants, and had lunch at Lake Tahoe.  It was a great visit.

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