The Nordlund’s Visit for 2020 Holidays

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Steve Nordlund, Pearl Serota, Henry Nordlund, and Althea Nordlund came to visit us during the Christmas holiday.  Each of us worked hard to quarantine and minimize exposure before the visit.  Fortunately, Steve, Pearl, and I are able to work from home.  Henry and Althea are most doing remote learning, so it wasn’t too inconvenient.  Bottom line:  It was great to huddle in our bubble and share the holidays.  We did participate in some outdoor activities.

Wed Dec 23

  • Arrival at the house was at about 7 PM.
  • Steve and Nancy had snacks waiting including Chick Fill A, which turned out to be one of Althea’s favorites.
  • Steve conducted an updated tour of the house.
  • Steve N and Pearl stayed at the Adero Scottsdale the new Marriott Autograph Collection hotel.

Thurs Dec 24

  • Desert Dune Buggy Trek:  We rented some dune buggies from Desert Dog Offroad Adventures for a trek into the desert near Saguaro Lake.  Henry led the dune buggies (behind the guide) and did an awesome job driving.  Boeing colleague and friend Jeff Thom joined us as well.
  • On Christmas eve we held our traditional Christmas Eve buffet and watched a movie.

Fri Dec 25

  • On Christmas day we lazed about, participated in a gift exchange, brought in our traditional Chinese food, and watched movies.

Sat Dec 26

  • Steve N and Henry went and played golf at the TPC.  Pearl and Nancy went and did some shopping.

Sun Dec 27

  • Steve took Steve N, Henry, and Pearl flying in the Vision Jet.  We went to Prescott, shot an instrument approach, and returned to Scottsdale.  We then had brunch at the Volanti Restaurant.
  • Steve then took Henry for a driving lesson in Nancy’s Porsche.  Henry was close to mastering 4-on-the-floor with a Sportscar.
  • Steve N and Pearl went to eat at the Capitol Grille in Scottsdale.  We took Henry and Althea to eat at El Encanto.

Mon Dec 28

  • Steve, Steve N, and Henry went golfing at the Desert Canyon Golf Course.  I hadn’t played golf in about 6 years from my intermediate beginner stage.  It was brutal for me.  Steve and Henry did quite well given they hadn’t golfed in months.  I mostly played best ball Henry … putting my ball down near Henry’s for my practice round.
  • Pearl, Althea, and Nancy went shopping for healing crystals, and teen clothing at Urban Outfitters.
  • Steve took Althea for a driving lesson in BMW.  She practiced maneuvering, using the heads-up-display, and starting and stopping on a hill.  She was only 15 but is already quite prepared for getting her driver’s license.
  • That evening we went to eat at Ling and Louie’s in Scottsdale.

Tues Dec 29

  • They launched on a morning departure and made it home before evening.

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