Steve’s Long Hike

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Most weekends, I had been doing two hikes with the dogs.  My standard route is about 11 miles up into the Sierras, looping around Genoa.  I had been eyeing a tough one,  climbing up the Sierras to view Lake Tahoe and exiting at the Spooner Lake trailhead.  I did the standard loop on Saturday and decided that this past Sunday would be the best opportunity this season to do this hike.  I expected it would take about 8 hours (and it did).

Here is the map view:

Route from Genoa to Spooner Lake trailhead.

Basically, I hiked the following:

  • Our house at Genoa to
  • Eagle Ridge trailhead to
  • Sierra Canyon trail to
  • Mt. Genoa road to
  • Tahoe Rim Trail to
  • Spooner Trailhead South.

Here are some statistics and map views of the hike in a clickable slideshow:

Here are three videos of the hike.  These are some nice views:


Here is a picture slide show of the hike:

It was tough but sure fun to complete.  The views were great, and the weather was nearly perfect.  The only downside is that I decided not to take the dogs.  Beckett has gotten a sore leg on hikes before, and I wasn’t sure how much water to carry to make sure they didn’t dehydrate, especially at altitude.  So I gave them a bone and snuck out of the house without them.  Unfortunately, Brandy figured it out, and Nancy recorded this video of her trying to call me:


This was pretty sad.  I will take her next time for sure.

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