Brady Visits Colleges During Spring Break

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

Brady and I missed out on a trip just as COVID was heating back up in 2021.  Our plan had been to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  I had mentioned to Brady that he might like to check out William and Mary.  He loved the idea.  Unfortunately, the trip was canceled.

This spring we came up with a new plan.  Let’s do a college visit trip.  He is a high school junior and needs to determine to where he wants to apply.  He thinks he would prefer an Eastern campus and really doesn’t even know what such a college looks like, having grown up on the West coast.  So we put together a plan and ended up spending time on campus at:

  • Boston College
  • Tufts University
  • Cornell University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • University of Virginia
  • Washington and Lee
  • James Madison University
  • William & Mary
  • Duke
  • Vanderbilt

We also drove by MIT, Boston University, and Northeastern.

The way we were able to make all of these work with the use of aviation.  Brady flew to Boston and I picked him up and we used my Vision Jet to connect to all of the places in a week of activities.

Here are some other highlights of the trip:

  • It was Brady’s first solo airline mission.  Inbound to Boston was no problem.  Outbound back to Seattle from Nashville was a challenge.  Somehow a pocket knife got left in his briefcase, causing him to be spotted by TSA.
  • Brady had his first whole lobster at the famous Union Oyster House restaurant.
  • We spent time with my nieces in Boston.
  • We visited with my friend Debbie in Elmira and she bought us dinner at an Outback restaurant.
  • We toured the countryside of both the New York Finger Lakes and the Central Virginia regions.
  • We toured Colonial Williamsburg
  • We got Brady’s iPhone replaced
  • We had a nice dinner with Doug and Kelli in Williamsburg
  • Brady had his first experiences with Applebees and Arby’s chain.
  • Brady discovered he can sleep just fine in a private jet.

We took several hundred pictures and made videos on each campus including an interview of Brady sharing his initial reactions.  Here are just a handful of pictures from this trip (click on a photo to enlarge):


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