Steve Announces Retirement

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

Steve announced his retirement from Seeq in November.  Or perhaps it’s a semi-retirement.  He has agreed to stay on as Vice-Chairman of the Board and help with the transition and some corporate development activities.  Lisa Graham is the new CEO.  Steve recruited her to the Seeq family several years ago and she served as COO for the past year.  The board enthusiastically selected her as his successor.

Steve and Brian Parsonnet started working on Seeq in 2012.  They raised funds and formally launched Seeq in 2013.  During his tenure, he raised over $110M in venture capital, grew the company to over 200 employees, and served well over 250 industrial clients.  Steve started serving as the CEO, CFO, Director of IT, General Counsel, and VP of Sales.  He gradually recruited someone for each of these roles.

Although things are going well, in 2021 Seeq doubled its CARR (Committed Annual Recurring Revenue) again, Steve told the board he wanted to make a change due to his ‘biological clock.’  His parents passed when they were 64 and 72.  Steve turns 67 later this year.  This led him to announce its time to focus on health and fun.

Attached are the press release.

Press Release

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