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I am starting this list of employees and consultants.  I am hoping over time to complete it with more names and details as I get a chance and as I get  reminded.  I am hoping I will be contacted by former SEI teammates as they find this page on the web.  link to contact


  • Caroline Williams – Moved from Texas to help us launch as we moved into our office in Yorktown.  I met her when she was an undergrad at Stanford.  She worked about 1 year at SEI as the VP & General Manager and helped get many things organized.  She left SEI to get her MBA at Rice and then worked at Compaq for several years before launching her family.
  • Brad Schrick — Came from California to help me launch SEI and worked on programming projects, database development, and some marketing.  Brad was a buddy from Princeton and Stanford.  Brad ultimately formed his own company back in California and then joined me again at Insitu.
  • Marti Gardner — Was our first office manager and she worked at SEI for a couple of years.  Her daughters also helped out from time to time.
  • Kathy Coons — Took over after Marti left as the office manager.
  • Dorothy Wilkinson — Became the General Manager for the last couple of years before SEI was sold.  She and her husband ultimately moved back to Philadelphia.
  • Christine Brooks — Handled parts of operations, bookkeeping, and a variety of software tasks.
  • Lynn Taigen — Handled marketing among other tasks.

Part-Time Employees and Consultants:

  • Kim Anderson — Kim was our first employee who helped out as a office manager during a summer break from VPI.
  • Doug Arbuckle — Was my colleague at NASA and he volunteered many hours of support and help at SEI.  He helped to test software, packaged up shipments, opened mailed, and, in general, helped out wherever he could.
  • Kelli Mansel — Kelli came in and helped with marketing.  Ultimately she and Doug Arbuckle started to date and then magic happened.  They have been married ever since with two beautiful daughters.  I like to think it’s one of the everlasting contributions made by SEI.
  • Doug Price — Doug worked on the translations of the software from the Apple II to the IBM PC.
  • John Anderson — Kim’s high school brother did a variety of tasks around the office including copying and testing disks.
  • Jonathan Young — Was John Anderson’s friend and generally worked the same shifts together.
  • Liz Singleton — Was a student at William & Mary and worked on the history series for Insitu.  She was a high school friend of Kim Anderson’s.
  • Greg Hanrahan — Was an English major at William & Mary and he worked on several products in the literature series and worked the software user manuals as a technical writer.
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