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Ever since my sabbatical after retiring from Insitu, I have taken on at least one hobby coding project each year.  I use the project to further my programming skills (rusty though they were) and to work on something fun.  In fact, these websites (,, feinberg,com, were motivated partially by my goal to further my programming skills.

Along this line, I have just completed another project.  Well, completed probably isn’t the right term since I will frequently improve and adjust my projects going forward.  So let’s say it’s ready for use by others and is at version 1.0 (one-point-oh).

The project is at and can be found at   It is a set of tools and capabilities to help one play speed scrabble against a scrabble computer game set at the highest level.  I usually us Electronic Art’s iPad Scrabble game.

The project was quite fun and challenging.  It involved coding in the following languages:  python, php, javascript, css, and html.  It includes over 5,000 lines of code written by me and, of course, many times that in terms of libraries and subroutines I included.

My goal is that persons other than myself will log at least 61 victories against the computer using this program.  We shall see if we make it.

Here is a screen shot of the program in use:


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