Malcolm Attends an Air Show

In Aviation, Journal by Steve Sliwa

Nancy and Marcie were invited by Wendy and the Portland area 99’s to bring Malcolm to the Oregon International Airshow featuring all women performers.  It was branded as She Flies.

Malcolm was just part of the static airplane show on the ground.  But Malcolm was a “crowd magnet.”  Nancy and Marcie were around a good portion of the time and answered questions as the public was intrigued.

Malcolm is a crowd magnet.

Wendy had organized the visit and it included massages, a swanky dinner, a visit to a farmer’s market, and invites to the performers’ VIP reception.


Here is a gallery of more pictures from the weekend.  Click on an image to start the slide viewer:

The trip had 75 to 100-knot headwinds, but 40-knot tailwinds on the return.

Click below to view details on the airshow.

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