Hangar Progress

In Journal, Flying by Steve Sliwa

Steve is building a hangar at the Minden airport for Nancy & Steve’s Vision Jet, Steve’s new racing sailplane (JS3), and perhaps other new flying toys.  Steve recently announced his retirement and what might get housed in the hangar when it’s completed is still developing.  Of course, he’s maintaining an active interest in Seeq as a good exit will help fuel this fun.

The hangar project has been painful.  He lined up a good general contractor, but the hangar company has been very difficult.  Without going into all of the details, the hangar kit arrived in December, but construction can’t begin until April.  Hopefully, the project will be completed by August.  Nancy is a little concerned since he has outlined a plan that has many ‘man-cave-like’ features in the design and is wondering just how much time he plans on staying there.

Below are pictures of the hangar kit under wraps.  The hangar will go between the two hangars near the white pickup in the picture above.

Click on a picture to zoom into slideshow mode:

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