Freeze Drying

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

Last year I bought a freeze-drying system.  This is not just a dehydrated, but an actual system that freezes and dries under vacuum and cold/heat.  I bought my system from Harvest Right (link).  I created space for it during my garage renovation in Arizona.

My original goal was to use to create packages for disaster preparation.  Freeze dried food can last 25 years with the proper storage (dark, airtight, with dessicant tab).  Most of our dogs’ food is also freeze dried.  So I though I might supplement their food as well.  Freeze drying retains 98% of the nutrients.

My challenge is that people really like to snack on it.  Fruits in paraticular are tasty.  So I haven’t been able to build up supply for long term storage.  Vegetables are nice crunchy items to add to salads.

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