90+ Year Old ‘Pet’ Succumbs during COVID-19 Outbreak

In Journal by Steve Sliwa

There have been warnings that COVID-19 could be harmful to pets.  We have a natural set aside zone behind our AZ house that has natural vegetation and several cacti.  The most majestic of our Giant Saguaro’s collapsed and passed away last night.  It was more than 40 feet tall with many arms.   It had to be over 90 years old.  Each foot of Giant Saguaro weighs about 100 lbs.  Normal removal is to cut it into nine-inch sections and then haul it out a piece at a time.  Since this one is in a reserve it will be left.

Estimating the age is a challenge.  I’ve had people tell us it could be well over 100 years old.  I view it as 90 years old in ‘people years.’

Nancy responds to my coincidence of the COVID-19 outbreak by saying:   Poor thing definitely had a co-morbidity of “heart disease.”  It was severely pecked out by birds.

We will miss him.

I went down into the Open Space easement zone behind my house and took some pictures up close.  It was actually moist inside.  Here is a gallery (click on the pictures start a viewer),

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