Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

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On Tuesday June 23 I received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. It’s sort of a lifetime achievement award. I was quite active in scouts as a youth and it was nice to earn this award as it’s fairly selective and awarded on a national basis. Here are some links describing it:  National Eagle Scout AssociationWikipedia,

Nancy Sliwa and Tabitha Colie snuck behind my back to submit my application with the local council who transmitted it nationally. They said several times the package prep was outstanding.

My brother, David Sliwa, gave a nice introduction at the event and niece Andie (from TN) was present along with Steve Heppe, my college roommate and his wife Mary Jane. Also were friends from Insitu ( Kristi Garwood, Ryan & Stephanie Hartman, Esina Alic & Gabriel Burgess, Bill & Sheree Clark, Pete Kunz and Andrea Ligammari-Kunz, Brock and Dianna Gibson, Gary Viviani, and Pravin & Jasinta.) and neighbors Monica Lash & Lance Stryker.

Below are pictures from the even plus a few pictures from my Eagle Scout banquet and patches about that time.   A link to a list of my merit badges is here:  link.

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