Bible Study – July 2005

In Nancy's Writings by Nancy Sliwa

The power of the Holy Spirit, and His effect on our lives, can be thought of like a power generator for electricity.
It is just a cold dead machine, until its power-generating mechanism is fueled, and it is consciously “turned on”. Then energy begins to flow through it. As the power flows through it and brings it to life, there are visible effects. It may hum or chug, and grow warm. Lights may flash, and it may vibrate. Even if no devices are drawing its power, it is obviously that power is there. This is like the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. As we are “plugged in” to our Lord through salvation, and we consciously choose to walk in the Spirit, the fruit begins to grow in us, and becomes visible to the outside world.
Once the generator has been powered up, electricity is available from it to feed devices that need it, like lights, computers, etc. These devices must be plugged into the generator as their power source. Likewise, as people have needs for the effects of the power gifts of the Spirit, the energy of the Spirit can flow to accomplish the gifts, as God gives grace, through the power of the Spirit coupled with a statement of faith. Prayer and fasting are key ingredients for the power gifts to operate in the life of a Christian (“When I am weak, then I am strong.”) The ministry of Jesus is liberally sprinkled with instances of his use of the “power gifts.”
A power generator may be used in various types of buildings, such as hospitals, schools, homes, or offices. Some types of devices, such as lights, would be plugged into the generator, no matter what type of building it is serving. Some types of devices might be unique to a particular type of building, such as a hospital that would have medical devices plugged into its generator. Likewise, we may be “assigned” by God to various ministries, such as pastor, teacher, prophets, helps, etc. No matter what our ministry, a set of power gifts are available to us. Some gifts may operate more strongly in our life than others because they are more necessary to our type of appointed ministry, just like the medical devices in a hospital. Some gifts may be prevalent across the entire church, because they are a common thread across all ministries, just as every type of building would need lights plugged into their generator.
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