“I changed the course of the Internet!”

In Humor, Journal by Steve Sliwa

Here is Facebook post I just made:

I had a geek victory today of sorts today. I have been having trouble reliably connecting to my ‘hobby’ server in a data center in Chicago over the past few months. It’s slower than it should be and occasionally would be susceptible to dropouts and outages.

I finally tracked it down to weird routings that my ISP (Charter) and my data center’s internet backbone (Telia) was taking to get my packets there. After days of calmly battling and documenting my situation with geeky data, I was able to get to people deeper and deeper inside the innards of the Internet who were willing to listen to me.

Ultimately they agreed with me and the backbone path for messages from west coast Charter now go directly to Chicago from Charter’s data center in CA. Basically the Telia backbone was permanently reconfigured for all of us using Charter on the west coast trying to get to sites near Chicago.

I suppose I could paraphrase a certain Vice President and say that:

I changed the course of the Internet!


A more accurate statement would be:

I changed ‘a’ course of the Internet!

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